Survey Results

These are the comments gleaned from the hard copies received. The results from the electronic responses are tabulated below, with the additional comments submitted online at the bottom. Again, if you requested to share costs with neighbors or would like the name of an arborist, please send an email to [email protected].  

Responses from hard copies:

Too much noise from swimming pools. Too many people parking on the streets. 
Yes, neighborhood looks old and tired.
Yes, neighborhood looks old and tired in some area; especially the shrubs on the right after the front entrance.
Yes, I am interested in sharing the cost with neighbors to trim trees obstructing my view.
Yes, the neighborhood looks old and tied; houses are not selling.
Hopefully, the disregard for not maintaining our properties is a trend that can be stopped. And, that the HOA sending this survey will help the property owners realize their responsibilities. It is frustrating and disappointing that too often a resident has to resort to legal action to live in a what is a lovely community.
I think some houses in the neighborhood are in dire need of work. If someone doesn't care for their property they should sell it to someone who will keep it up. 
Glad to see the landscaping survey. It is time to cut back trees again at the top of South river Trail. It is getting dangerous for walkers.
Yes, the neighborhood looks old and tired; the Clubhouse is looking better.
The neighborhood looks establishes.
We have requested neighbors trees to be trimmed nearly 2 years ago; to date, no action.
We have trimmed out trees to allow neighbors to have a view. In 2019, we paid to have neighbors trees trimmed. However, the neighbor stopped the process and now we still have no view of the mountains and lake.
We have 2 neighbors on Thimble Fields Drive who have trees obstruction our view; we will be happy to share the cost with them.