Clubhouse Rules & Regulations

River Sound Clubhouse Rules & Regulations

Please read through all rules and regulations prior to signing the reservation form. A $150 usage fee, along with a $500 refundable deposit, are required for all reservations.

For invitations, the physical address for the clubhouse is 1900 River Sound Drive. Please do not send mail to this address.

CLEANING: The clubhouse will be in “event-ready” condition for your function, however River Sound is not responsible for the daily traffic that occurs in and around the clubhouse prior to your event. There are cleaning supplies and a vacuum located in the closet across from the upstairs men’s bathroom for your use before and after your event. Please try to leave the clubhouse in the condition you found it.

SCHEDULING: When scheduling an event, remember that there may be another party scheduled for the day prior to your event. If scheduling an event back-to-back, River Sound cannot be responsible for the cleanliness of the clubhouse after the first event, so it is important to check dates with the Office Manager prior to making any plans. Securing a date means that you will have access to the clubhouse all day, so you can come in early to decorate, etc. It is not advised to leave any decorations or food in the clubhouse the night before, even it is not rented.

PARTY DECORATIONS: Scotch tape use is limited to attaching decorations to wood only. Push pins are not to be used anywhere in the inside of the clubhouse. Duct tape is prohibited. Remove all decorations after event.

TABLES: Two 8-foot rectangle folding tables and one 6-foot table are available for use on either floor, but are kept downstairs. Six (6) sixty-inch round tables and 45 folding chairs are available for use in the downstairs area only. The downstairs is to be used for meals. Arranging the tables and folding chairs downstairs is the responsibility of the renter.

AMPLIFIED MUSIC: The playing of amplified music is restricted to cut-off times of 10:00 p.m. inside or outside. If management is contacted regarding amplified music being played after cut-off times, you may be fined and/or denied clubhouse privileges.  

UPSTAIRS: While the upstairs furniture can be rearranged at the clubhouse, it cannot be moved between floors at any time. Please move the upstairs furniture back to its original position.
No wet swimsuits are allowed. No children under the age of 16 are allowed without an adult. 

TRASH REMOVAL: It is the responsibility of the person making the reservation to make sure all trash is put into bags and placed outside in the trash cans provided (located downstairs outside of the pool gate). 

CLUBHOUSE DOORS: Outside doors are to remain closed during any functions and may not be propped open.

KITCHEN: The oven in the kitchen is to be used for reheating only. No cooking is allowed in the kitchen. Please make sure to remove all food and drinks from the refrigerator after your event.

ICE: There is an ice machine in the small room adjacent to the indoor pool. 

SMOKING POLICY: The clubhouse is a non-smoking/non-vaping facility. This includes both pool areas. The only smoking area is at the south end of the patio on the upper level of the clubhouse.

KEYS: You may gain entry using the electronic key provided to all homeowners to come in through the pool gate and by the indoor pool. Then you can unlock the front clubhouse door from the inside. Please make sure to relock the front door behind you when leaving.

INDOOR POOL: If you are using the indoor pool during your event, please make sure no food or drinks are taken into the pool area so we don’t get ants. The pool should be covered back up when finished using. No swimmers are allowed upstairs. 

WI-FI: The wi-fi password is clubhouse. There are no televisions in the clubhouse.

FIREPLACE: The fireplace is non-functioning.