Dues Information

All River Sound HOA accounts are maintained by a separate accounting firm in Oak Ridge. Any requests for information on accounts must go through [email protected]. Please allow at least 2 days for turnaround.

River Sound Homeowners’ Dues

Effective January 1, 2023, annual dues will be $1100 per lot.

Every homeowner and lot owner in River Sound and the Breakers pays River Sound HOA dues to the River Sound Homeowners Association.

  • 2 payments are due by January 15th and July 15th in the amount of $550 each, for an annual total of $1100 per lot. 
  • For those that do not pay in full for the year, invoices for $550 will be mailed prior to July 1, 2021.
  • Failure to pay on time will result in suspension of amenities, including trash service. 

Make checks payable to River Sound HOA and mail to:

River Sound HOA
P.O. Box 6644
Oak Ridge, TN  37831

Please do not bring your check to the clubhouse, as it needs to go to Oak Ridge.

Breakers' Dues

$2,200 annually or $550 per quarter (due the first of Jan., April, July and Oct.)

Make checks payable to Breakers HOA and mail to:
Sherry McEvoy
2209 Breakwater Drive
Knoxville, TN  37922 

Community Docks
Dock Fees: $120 annually, to be received by January 15th.

Make checks payable to River Sound HOA Docks and mail to:
PO Box 6644
Oak Ridge, TN  37831